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History Of Hornsby Region In New South Wales

This region in Sydney has seen significant developments of late. If you are looking for setting up a retail establishment in this area or wish to lease a rental apartment, it would be wise to know more about the region, its history and other aspects before one takes a decision.

About Hornsby in Sydney

This area is a suburb that is located in Upper North Shore. Located in New South Wales, the upcoming retail and commercial district has everything, from Hornsby shoe repair to corporate offices. Hornsby has an interesting past, however. Samuel Henry Horne, a convict turned constable, made this area famous and it was named after him. The land was granted to him as Hornsby Place after his participation in the bushrangers’ apprehension that took place in 1830. The land was known to have belonged to Kurringgai and Darug people before that who were the aboriginals in this land.European settlers came to the region in 1886 when a railway station was set up here. Forming a junction between North Shore Line and Northern Line, the Hornsby station saw much traffic in railways in the early days. The Hornsby Post Office as opened in 1864 and this age-old building can still be found here as one of the historical sites here.

Historic personalities of the region

The area saw residential growth soon after the railway’s constriction and many famous personalities made their home here. For instance, wife of Oscar winner Garibaldi Roberts, Annie Roberts, was one of the first councilors of Hornsby Shire. The Roberts family built a mansion home that is one of the heritage properties in this area. Birklands is another heritage listed home located on Dural Street in this region. The rows of Federation homes in this region can be found in residential areas while a seafood shop would be found in the piazza close by.

Development of Hornsby

Today this area is an emerging scene of modernity. The Piazza shopping centre in this region is built on modern architectural designs. This area remains well connected to the central business district of Sydney. Travelers can get here by the Sydney trains and from the North Shore and Northern Lines railways. Bus services also operate here from different parts of NSW. With growing connectivity and space for retail and homes, many people are considering this area to expand their business, whether it is retail or corporate spaces as well as look at attractive lease terms for apartments here that offer contemporary designs and amenities.